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Skills / Technologies


  • Golang (5+ years)
  • HTML/CSS (10+ years)
  • JavaScript (10+ years), jQuery (5+ years)
  • C#/.NET (5+ years)
  • PL/SQL (15+ years)
  • SQL (15+ years)
  • Shell Scripting (Bash/Perl/Python) (10+ years)
  • C/C++ (10+ years)
  • PHP (5+ years)
  • Java (3 years)
  • Visual Basic (5+ years)


  • Oracle (15+ years)
  • SQL Server (5+ years)
  • MySQL (15+ years)
  • SQLite (5 years)
  • MongoDB (2 years)


  • Unix (primarily AIX/HP-UX, 15+ years)
  • Linux (primarily Debian based, 15+ years)
  • Windows (15+ years)
  • Apache Webserver (10+ years)
  • IIS Webserver (10+ years)
  • Nginx Webserver (5+ years)

Work History

Convergys, Senior Systems Analyst, 2006 - Present

Global leader in customer management, billing and HR services, providing outsourcing, services, consulting and software solutions to leading companies around the world.

Data Warehouse, ETL Developer

SQL Server, Oracle, Pentaho Data Integration, C#/.NET, Cluedin

NICE / WFM Support

Provide support of all types to the business including (but not limited to) creating / updating schedule, agent, forecast jobs for clients.

Perform a leading role in the migration of clients from legacy IEX UNIX servers to new WMF Linux servers. I export agents, forecast and schedule data from IEX server, perform translations and import into WFM server. Collect and report any errors to the business and repeat when necessary.

Spearheaded the rewrite of “homegrown” Sync Server application from VB6 to C#/.NET.

Created an employee data JSON web service for Gregory Preston to implement in his Star@Work application for employee lookup.

UNIX/Linux, PostgreSQL, Oracle, C#/.NET, Shell Scripting, SmartSync

411 Corporate Directory

Developed 411, an internal corporate directory that focuses on speed and ease of use. Implemented a smart search feature that provides the ability to search for employees using a variety of different types of information such as any combination of first/last name, network ID, employee ID, and phone number.

C#/.NET, HTML/CSS/JavaScript (jQuery), SQL Server

Occupational Development Application Suite (OD Apps)

Implementing Agile Development; worked closely with the business owner to rewrite the existing Occupational Development Applications (OD Apps) from the ground up; streamlining the process while making it easier to use. OD Apps is a collection of applications used by all salaried employees to document their accomplishments, competencies, and future expectations. The system is also used by managers to drive mid-year and yearly performance reviews as well as upper management for succession planning.

Developed a flexible yet powerful reporting engine used by management to mine through all the data collected in OD Apps. Also developed a 9 Box report to provide an at a glance overview of a manager’s organization.

C#/.NET, HTML/CSS/JavaScript (jQuery), SQL Server

Work Management System (WMS)

Worked with a team of developers to convert a legacy client/server application (written in Oracle Forms) to a web based application utilizing Oracle’s ‘http cartridge’. Once complete; continued to implemented numerous enhancements requested by the business.

Introduced the concept of AJAX into the development organization which allowed the creation of more responsive, user-friendly screens. Also developed a small library to make AJAX development easier.

PL/SQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Oracle

Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Consultant, Developer, 2002 - 2005

A Johnson & Johnson company, develops innovative surgical products for laparoscopic and minimally invasive procedures.


Developed web-based front end application that read the underlying workflow engine’s database tables and provided a user-friendly view of the current progress of any project in Ethicon’s software development life cycle. The system also allowed project managers to schedule milestone and gateway meetings by hooking into the workflow engine’s API.

Java/Struts, JSP, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Weblogic, Oracle

Health Care Integrity Application Enhancements

PHP, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Oracle

Modified existing modules and created new modules for the Health Care Integrity application to provide greater control and ease of use for users of the system.

Technical Mentor

Each year Ethicon Endo-Surgery would bring in a group of four computer science students from the University of Dayton to work on a real project. The students would participate in all aspects of Ethicon’s software development life cycle process from requirements gathering to actual development. For two years I had the opportunity to serve as a technical mentor during the development phase.

Lexmark, Consultant, Developer, 2001 - 2002

Global company that develops and manufactures printing and imaging products.

Served as a Visual Basic developer for an application that provided a single point of reference for printer prices.

R+L Carriers, Junior Applications DBA, 2000 - 2001

A privately owned American freight shipping company.

Performed database administration duties during the implementation and roll out of an Oracle Applications ERP system.

Applied weekly application patches to development, test and production environments.

Provided SQL and PL/SQL assistance to developers.


  • 2011: Employee Excellence Award for outstanding performance delivering technology solutions. (Occupational Development Application)

  • 2010: Outstanding Achievement Award. (411 Corporate Directory)

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